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Update on life

Feb 26th... is it really 2009? sheesh.

Guess I need to update here.

Next week is the end of my second quarter at ITT Tech.  So far, I'm looking at Honors. Not as good as the Deans list that I had last Quarter, but it's still good.

This past weekend I went to New York with the CDD class, Ms. P was a hoot. Learned quite a bit about my teacher that I hadn't expected - she's a D&D Vet, an Anime fan, A true goth, and a pagan-turned-agnostic. It was interesting to see how she seemed to *relax* in NY. It was amazing, then again, the students who irritat her weren't there.

The only CJ {criminal justice} students who went were myself, Amber, Suzette, and two students from another CJ quarter.

We rode the subway, so I got to see the inside of Grand Central Station, Time Square, the HEART of New York, Rockerfeller Ice Rink, The St. Partick's Cathedral, the MOMA, and then we found ourselves down in Noho {North of Soho}.

We had lunch at the Europea Cafe in Time Square, then had "dinner" at Miro Cafe somewhere down in one of the shopping districts. Not the best food I've ever had, but the Strawberry smoothie was good...

Met back up at quarter til 7 near the MOMA to come home. Watched "The Beautician and the Beast" on the bus on the way back.

all in all it was fun.

Watching Amber was amusing, I swear if it had been raining, we would have brought her back in a body bag. Constantly looking up with her mouth open in awe. It was amuseing. *snicker*

World..... Beware....

Yes yes ... I know, it's so frightening!!

It's Horrific!!

It's.. it's...

Oh come on, it can't be THAT bad - I'm only licensed to drive now without someone else in the car.

Yep, that's right. I got my driver's license today! Yay me!!

people like picking on me about it though. my driving isn't the worst out there.. I mean, come on.. I PASSED!! It couldn't be THAT bad....

Rescue Zippy!

Hi again..
  I just heard about this poor little Egyptian Mau at a local shelter. He needs to be adopted right away, and I've got a good chance at getting him.
Just need a liiitttle help.
Mother dearest said I can't rescue him unless I pick up another "Breeze" litter system. Okay, no problem. They're cheap. O.o But save money I was handed to be turned over to Mother for bills and other shit.. I'm flat broke.
I'm going to do a small Donation drive. I have until Saturday. All I need is 35-70 USD.
The Adoption fee is 45, the Breeze system is 30-something I think. But I should be able to whip up half that by giving a friend here locally who owes me some money the Chibi Eyes of Pleading Doom.
Each person who donates 1-5 dollars will get a free conbadge. 6-14 a pencil sketch 15-25 inked. The one who hits the Goal or more gets one "Naughty" colored pic.
{ Any donations can be sent to my paypal: Rianith@gmail.com }

Mega Update

Yikes! I knew I'd forgotten something.

Well, time to update.

March 1st - Seasons of Gaia opens, paying 20,000 $ to purchase product and equipment from Nature's Oulet's owner. {biggest mistake EVER - Will explain.}

March 14th - Canned from Walmart {Health related absence reasons. Although if I'd gone in on the 13th, I would have been canned for threatening management - Long story, don't feel like going into it.. Again.}

March 19th - Mom fell at work and injured her ankle - UGH

June 20-something -- Started Dating Scott, my personal Kouga-kun. XD GLEE

June 26th - Left for Anthrocon for the weekend. Saw a totally awsome Jack Sparrow and BeatleJuice costumes. Made a new friend, MysticWolf. Found out Ian was dating someone whom I, and apparently half the internet populous, thought was Male at first. Go figure. Ya learn something new everyday.

Aug. 1st - Endless hills barony goes to Pennsic. Leaving me and mom alone to twidle our thumbs. Making the 3rd vacation mom had to cancel due to her ankle.

Mid- August. - Got Radiologists Report, finally, and mom got permission to get a second opionion - OUTSIDE the VA. Radiologist's report, from June, reads "MAJOR ABNORMALITY. IMMED ATTEN REQUIRED" yet VA kept saying "You're fine, go home" while still keeping her off work. WTF?

August 19 - Desion to Close Gaia at end of the month reached. *I* go talk to ITT tech. Orientation is the 3rd. YAY ME!

August 28th - 31st. - Everyone under the sun desides, even after agreeing to Help us close down gaia, they have "better things to do" .. leaving ME .. and my Wheelchair bound Mother... to shut down Gaia.... Grr...

Sept. 1st - Got a grand total of the expired product Judy sold us, and in doing such.. breached our contract of sale. 10,000 worth of product. WTF?! Some of which expired as early as.. get this.. TWO THOUSAND F***ING TWO!!! yes. you heard me. 2002. UGH! Soymilk that expired in 2006.. EWW! *rubs her eyes* this woman is insane.. $4900 of that Ten Grand expired before march 1st. The rest expired withing 3 months of us buying the place.

Tomorrow, I go to orientation.. YAY!
Got my class schedual today. Classes are Mon. Wed. and Fri. 9am. ....
Means I have to catch the bus at 6 am.. Booooo.

When is enough.. Enough?!

One: I eat pork in some form.
Two: Maybe you do, maybe you don't.
Three: I'M NOT F***ING MUSLIM !!!
Five: What ever happened to "land of the free, home of the brave"?!

The following is an artical that was sent to me via E-mail by a friend of mine.. and it ticks me off...

Outlawing the Pig
By Janet Levy
FrontPageMagazine.com | 5/2/2008
The practice of political correctness may soon be tallying another casualty:
the pig. Increasingly, as America and the rest of the Western world continue
accommodating Muslim religious demands, pork food products are being singled
out for removal from dining tables and pig-related trinkets banished from
the desks of office workers.
If this continues, good ol' American food, such as barbeque replete with hot
dogs and ribs and the typical American breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausage,
might be seen as the equivalent of political poison. Could outright
censorship of pig depictions in drawings, pig references in literary works
and pig portrayals in
 movies be far behind? Could the well-known, cartoon figure Porky Pig
become a cultural embarrassment of our unenlightened past as we fear to
utter the "P" word?
Though the notion may seem more appropriate for a comedy routine, an
increasing number of pig-related incidents, accommodations and Muslim
demands in recent years points to an uncertain future for our porcine friend
and its place in our economy, culture and our culinary traditions.
In October of 2005, the United Kingdom, clearly further along on the road to
dhimmitude due to its proportionally large and more radical Muslim
population, banned piggybanks as promotional gifts from its banks. At about
the same time, government social welfare offices called for the removal of
all pig paraphernalia, including pig calendars, toys and accessories from
employee desks. These new regulations were ostensibly implemented so as not
to offend Muslim patrons.
Meanwhile, in the United
 States in 2007, several school districts removed pork products from their
cafeteria offerings. Dearborn, Mich., schools banned pork completely to
avoid the possibility that Muslims students might unknowingly eat it. The
district later added special halal foods to its menu to cater to the demands
of its Muslim population. An elementary school in San Diego that offers
Arabic, single-gender classes and Muslim-only organized prayer, no longer
offers pork to any of its students. And in Oak Lawn, Ill., where the
administration is debating elimination of Christmas holiday celebrations,
pork has already been banished from the school lunchroom.
Orthodox Jews, who follow kosher laws that prohibit the consumption of pork,
have never demanded such special considerations for their chosen dietary
habits nor have Jews feared accidental pork ingestion. They privately
moderate their consumption according to their religious observances and
often consume food
 prepared at home according to prescribed regulations.
Contrast this to how Muslims and their dietary habits are treated. In April
2007, a 13-year-old middle school prankster was suspended and his behavior
labeled a hate crime for placing a bag with a ham steak on the lunch table
of a group of Muslim students. That same month, Muslims started a Facebook
group, "Fight Against Pork in Frito-Lay Products." The more than 1,800
participants sought to pressure the company to remove pork enzymes from its
cheese seasonings.
Last year, Somali Muslim employees at a St. Louis Park, Minn. Target store
refused to handle pork products, citing religious reasons. Target made
special allowances for Muslim employees, who now scrutinize customer
purchases and can call for assistance when a pork product appears at their
check stand. Presumably, the Muslim employees knew they would be
encountering bacon and pepperoni pizza when they signed on for their jobs
 and have no problem collecting a salary paid out of profits from pork
In 2007, the Year of the Pig, an imam in Taipei complained after receiving a
greeting card from Taiwan's foreign minister depicting celebrating pigs.
When "Year of the Pig" postal stamps were issued, the Taiwanese government
cautioned citizens about using them on letters and parcels to Muslim friends
or to Muslim countries. That year, China banned pig images and the mention
of pigs in television advertisement to avoid offending the country's
This year, the popular story, The Three Little Pigs, was banned in a primary
school in the United Kingdom as the school's administration thought
references to pigs might offend Muslim pupils. Another school removed all
books containing stories about pigs, including the talking pig 'Babe' from
classrooms following complaints from Muslim parents. In 2007, a UK church
school production of The Three Little Pigs was
 renamed The Three Little Puppies to maintain multi-cultural sensitivities.
Ironically, the pig is mentioned often in the Koran as a derogatory
reference to Jews.
In further accommodation to Muslims, Fortis Bank in the Netherlands and
Belgium dropped its pig mascot. Knorbert the pig was eliminated after seven
years with a statement from a bank spokesperson that "Knorbert does not meet
the requirements that the multicultural society imposes on us."
A recent BBC report described how pork butchers are gradually being put out
of business as Turkey adopts a more fundamentalist Muslim character. Pork
slaughterhouses are being closed in record numbers to accommodate shariah
law countrywide.
In 2004, a Muslim-owned investment company, Arcapita (formerly Capital
Crescent Investments) acquired the 1,200-unit Church's Chicken chain. In
2005, Arcapita, with a net income of $70.5 million and assets worth $1.2
billion (2004), enjoined a
 franchisee from selling pork products. In correspondence with the
franchisee, the corporate owners cited violation of shariah law as the
reason for prohibiting the sale of bacon, ham and sausages. The restaurant
owners were thereby forced to surrender to corporate demands and operate
under shariah law.
Where will this end? Will "Animal Farm" be banned at our high schools and
university campuses? Will the words "pork barrel spending" and "porker" be
eliminated from the vernacular? Will Piggly Wiggly supermarkets be forced to
change its name and re-brand its products? This could all be quite amusing
if the implications weren't so grave.
The pig is an icon of American culture, a culinary tradition and an
important component of our economy. While high grain prices and competition
from Chinese imports are recognized as the two greatest threats to the
industry, hog producers could be overlooking a larger threat to their
livelihood looming on
 the horizon.
Pork production is a vital part of the U.S. economy, producing more than 22
billion pounds of meat annually, contributing almost $40 billion to the GNP
and employing more than 500,000 workers in pork-industry related jobs. In
addition, important pork co-products include heart valves, skin grafts for
burn victims, gelatin, plywood, glue, cosmetics and plastics. At 28% of
total world production, the U.S. is the second largest pork producer after
China, which produces close to 50% of the world total. Pork ranks third in
U.S. meat production behind beef and chicken and average yearly per capita
consumption is about 50 pounds.
If the momentum to alter America's dining habits and cultural traditions to
suit Muslim religious habits continues, American liberty, freedom and
culture could actually be threatened. Laughable though it may seem on the
surface, Arab petrodollar profits have the heft to use an economic, backdoor
approach to
 implement shariah law in the United States against the will of the public.
As Arab Muslims continue to heavily invest in our economy, they will
continue to force submission to shariah law and undermine our democracy,
individual rights and religious freedom. We must be vigilant and aware of
this threat and act against it vigorously and immediately.

Update on life and Dream Journal Entry

Sheesh. It sure has been a while since I last posted here on LJ.. but eh.. Life, as one knows, has many twists and turns.

I was fired from walmart, but not before I was able to get myself a sweet laptop at a decently Walmart-Employee-Discounted rate. XD And my Mother opened her Dream shop. Seasons of Gaia. 10 years of hopes and dreams.. finally coming true.

Reason I left walmart? Two reasons. 1) Attendance. When you put your mother first, work Night Shift, and Don't Drive.. you tend to miss a bit of work. Of course, the second reason is a bit of annoyance.. I apparently threatened bodily harm to the store manager. O.o Say wha?! I did no such thing.

What He was told by an associate "Monica said she's Going to Punch you."

What I ACTUALLY said "I was so Mad, I could have throttled him." 

There's a difference here. I hate it when my words are twisted.

Oh well. No skin off my back. I just need to find another job.. soon.  Why?

Because 1) I don't like Not Working, and 2) Walmart's pissing around, so I don't know when I'm going to start getting Unemployment.. Ugh.

On another topic.. Dreams..
Got a new one!

Tuesday Morning, April 1st, 2008
    Not sure what was all in the dream.. but I remember it was a school setting. I was wearing a school uniform and walking with this teacher. I kept calling him "Professor" because I couldn't remember his name. I knew who he WAS.. who he'd always be.. but i couldn't for the life of me remember the name he went by Now.
    Anyways... We were talking about "Back Then.." and how "She had betrayed him" and how "They Deserved what they got"
   He always had this note pad with him, and it was an unusual shape, kinda egg shapped, but flat on one end. It was like.. his secret journal or something.
   I remember calling him Set in a hushed wisper to him... telling him I beleived him, and that I wished there was something I could do to help him.
   I remember him smiling. At the end of the dream, I was in a bathtub.. when I noticed that notepad sitting on the edge of it. My curiousity got the better of me, and I flipped through it.. I was looking for what he thought of me, I think... but before I read anything, He came up..

He looked so stricken.. I immeadiately gave it back and appoligized profusely.

I don't remember the following conversation much.. save just before I woke up, he smiled kindly at me.........

Noticed by Management

Last night was definantly interesting.
Paula, oh wonderful CSM - Oh note. A few weeks ago, Diane snapped at CSM Laura {the one who'd been giving us greif} and everything has been cool between us meager cashiers and CSM Laura and CSM Shiela.... .. CSMs Paula and Tammy on the other hand.. things have gone hill. Quickly.
And I think I made an Enemy of a CSM last night. *cringe*
Anyways. As I was saying, Paula, oh wonderful CSM, put me on Stack Bases {The features out in front of the cashregisters} at about 1:30am this morning... At about 2 O'clock I was finishing up the last one when Assistant Manager Paul {one of the "Night Managers", so he has a higher rank on the 'food chain' then a CSM} came up to me and told me he wanted me to to Halloween. In fact, he said that as long as he was there, he wanted me to Zone/Condence Halloween until it was gone, then he wanted me in Christmas. I laughed and cringed and said "Ewww" {meaning christmas, everyone knows I'm pretty much sick of it already. Thankfully, no christmas music yet}. He laughed in returned, smiled, and said I did it to myself, because of how good a job I do.

I smiled and nodded, and said "Alright."

No sooner then he wandered away, then I was called to the Podium by Paula. Ookay.. no problems there. I put the shirt I was folding back on the stack base and wander over to the podium with my collected "Doesn't Go there" crap.

In her {sarcastic} Oh So Charming Way, she said "Lunch" Indicating that I should Shoo. Well, before I poofed for lunch, I told her what Paul had told me.

Her responce? Oh hell..

She said, And I Quote........

"I don't care." with some added tidbit about 'go to lunch'.

Iee.. So I went. I spoke to Tara, another cashier, and Diane about this, they both agreed... If Paula didn't care.. that meant this would be TWICE that Paula has gone against what Paul wanted when it came to me. Yeesh.

I came back from lunch and was sent to finish stack bases and work on Accessories {think gloves, hats, backpacks, purses, ect} - That's where I spoke to Diane about it. Diane said that she thought that Paula was doing it out of spite, which was something I didn't {and don't} doubt.

But here is where it got interesting. I was just finishing up Accessories.. when who would come by? Paul, the Assistant Manager, himself. "When are you going over to Halloween?" he asked. I told him I doubted I would be. With a raised brow and loads of curiousity {since he'd pretty much ordered me there earlier} he asked very simply "Why?" And I told him what happened when I told Paula what he had said previously.

I think I even mentioned the fact that it would be twice she'd gone against his wishes in that concern.

He asked me 4 times "What exactly did she say?" My responce was simple. "She said 'I don't Care'."

He nodded and ORDERED me to go Zone Halloween. Sorry Paula - Paul is higher then you on the food chain, I thought and finished what I was doing and bolted for the Halloween. 

it was a two sided sword here.. I LIKE doing Halloween. I like feeling actually USEFUL.. I like CHALLANGING... and condencing that bloody isle is just that. The Sharp edges? One side is Paul, one side is Paula {Irony here} ...... damned if I do, Damned if I don't type thing. Well... Paul has higher rank.. So I listened to him.. This did NOT mean I wasn't paranoid of getting into trouble with Paula. 

Took me a record breaking time of 30 minutes to finish Halloween and condence it again.. WEE!! .. about 10 minutes {give or take 5} there is a page over the PA. "CSM Paula, please call me at ext. ___" I can't remember the number, but it was Paul's voice. My eyes went wide and I said, to Tara's amusement because she came into the isle at that moment, "Oh Shit."

I think that was REALLY when I sped up doing halloween. 

I went back up to the front when I was done with my claims, returns, and Cardboard.... and got THE DIRTIEST look possible from Paula..... Gave my claims to Dawn {same dawn as mentioned in a previous post} put my cardboard in a seperate cart.. and FLED with my returns. Finished those, came back.. grabed hardware.. and FLED again. Ran into Diane over in Hardware. Told her what happened.. HER eyes went wide. We were in agreement.. I had just possibly made an Enemy I did NOT need...

I finished hardware, wander back up to the front.... There's Paula... Crud.

"Go to break. When you come back, I want you to do Halloween"
"It's done"
"Yeah, I did it when I spoke to Paul in Accessories. Got it done in about half an hour or so"
"Oh, then after break go see Justin in Grocery."

Paula.. was CHEERFUL.. she was SMILEING at me... O.o What the Frell?!
 Hmm.. There's a bumper sticker that reads "Friends will help you move. Real friends will help you move bodies" or something like that.....

I learned the truth to that, sort of.


Mom got a trailer... We needed to move stuff out of the old place like.. last week, type thing.. O.o It's tuesday night? Where are all our "Friends" ... Fencing Practice. Po came out for like.. 30 minutes before it, got some furnature down (the last of mine & mom's bedroom stuff -a Dresser each) then left.

*my* local friends? "I got to pick _____ up in an hour. I'll see how I feel when I pick 'm up." Then never called me back. My friends at work have excuses.. They're all college kids and it's a Tuesday night. O.o I expect them to be in class. My friends from the other Store.. *snort* ...

Anyways. I called 3 of my friends who I know aren't "local" but they're the closest of the lot of them - Synge, Snap, and my friend Heather. Synge and Snapai said they'd try to come out this weekend.. Snapai said if I still need help on Sat. to call him for Sunday..... But Heather couldn't come.. Her brother, on the other hand, is coming up TOMORROW {Wed.} !!!!

Here's what pisses me off.

My friends who live without 20 minutes of me refuse to come help..
But Snapai is over 7 hours away.. and he's coming to help... Synge is just over two, and Matt's just over 3.

Where's the logic here? Just proves the people in this valley are selfish and stupid.

BTW -- THANK YOU BOYS! Snapai, Synge you have no idea how much Mom and I appriciate your, at the very least, WILLINGNESS to help, even at such short notice.

Dreams that are more then dreams..


As my Status message is bound to say, on Yahoo, for a few days -  The mind is a powerful thing that is barely understood by modern science. One thing is for certain though..... Play around in my head, and you're going to get hurt. Have a pleasant day.

Confused much?

One, I should explain that My Cycle started on the Full Moon, ya know.. the Night of the Lunar Eclipse? Fun sh!t there...... Not.

I got home from work this morning and went straight to bed - Putting my NEW cell phone on my headboard, and 'Anubis' {My amythest crystal I carry everywhere with me} under my pillow.

When I went to bed, my cell had 5 out of 6 ticks left on it's battery meter. I woke up to the Cell beeping with a practically DEAD battery.

Of course... my dream was rather interesting... To say the least.

Mom and I had gone out somewhere with Bo' - our Akita - and had come back to the house {In the dream it was a 2 story house}. We had to park down the block a little, and it was storming. I remember there being lightning that struck a tree nearby, and a large chunk of it fell really close and caught fire. I remember saying "Mom, I see smoke" .. She commented on the tree.

I said "No. I SEE SMOKE!" and pointed to out house.. it was completely ablaze..

We got bo out of the car and rushed for the house.. finding Ed's car, and then our behind us, both on fire as well... My only thought was "My baby!!" {My cat, Magick}.

The next part of my dream was in this store where I saw an.. Aquaintance of ours, Tina.. I remember rushing over to her and screaming at her "I know you stole mom's laptop, and I know you're the one who burnt our house down! Don't bother denying it, Tina!"


And she didn't. With a smug smile, she said she did.. but that her target had been Bo - That since we made her lose Demona {Her husky that got sick recently and died} that she was going to make us lose bo.

A note, outside the dream, here: Demona did die - She was sick and tina asked us for money to help get her to the vet.. Note, this is also about the time Tina's Computer went down, and Mom's Laptop turned up missing.

Anyways.. I remember screaming at her "YOU MURDERER!!" over and over again as I lunged at her...
This was when an alarm started going off that slowly pulled me out of my dream and into the waking world..

I went to my alarm clock first, thinking that was it, but it wasn't.. I realized it was my cell phone.... When I opened it.. 
It went from being half full to empty in the blink of an eye.. Loseing 2 ticks.. *snaps* just like that...

I also woke up with NO voice.... absolutely none.... Like I'd been screaming for a while... But mom said no sound had come from my bed room....

Definantly need to find new Job...


Walmart has hit the LAST STRAW with me..

I got in trouble last night FOR HELPING AN F***ING CUSTOMER!!!!!

Okay.. here's what happened. *forces herself to calm..*

Mom took me to work 15 Minutes early so she could do some shopping.. I hung out with her and helped her out until I had to punch in..
11:35 rolls around and I'm sent on my first break. I've gotten used to being sent anyhere from 15 minutes to an HOUR early for my breaks and Lunch {Then again, i've gotten used to taking them LATE too thanks to those ingrates.}
Anyways - Laura, the CSM I mentioned above, told me to go take my Break. As I'm heading to the break room, I run into Dawn, another cashier, and my mother. Mom says "Oh there she is.." and dawn tells me to go help mom take her stuff out to the car. I'm thinking No problem - Customer Carry out. I ask her to tell Laura what I'm doing, she says okay. In fact, I saw laura on my way out and told her.
So. I come back inside and go on my break. Not even on it for 5 minutes.. and I'm not only paged ONCE .. but TWICE within 3 minutes to come up to the podium. I'm thinking 'What the frell?' 

I get up there.. And Laura proceeds to tell me that I'm over my Break. I went 'Woh.. how? I still have 10 minutes left..' all nice and confused like - really polite too. She proceeds to tell me that She told me to take my break and told Dawn to do the customer carry out, and that I CHOOSE to use my break to help my mother.  She said she'd let it slide that ONCE.. but "not to let it happen again".. in the tone of voice that said that she wanted to fire me.

Well.. eh heh.. Adding salt to the wound here... Laura is SOOO going to get it when Mom's through.. >:)

I found out when mom picked me up after work.. she SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR ME to help her with the carry out because mom's disabled and parked by the door they closed last nigh {because it's normally the one left open}, and Lauri - Get this - GAVE HER AN ATTITUDE about the customer carry out before getting Dawn. 

That was just the major part of my night.. ALL NIGHT things were going wrong. The Credit Card machine wasn't working properly.. The drawer never had enough cash, no matter how many times I told them and tried to get them to get more ones or quarters.... The reciete/ check-scanner acted up all night..

And to top it all off. My NEW badge {becuase we're not allowed to use Nick Names in this store.. period} .. the barcode on it vanished in 3 days. .. I can't use it to punch in.. AND my "smart" user ID/password doesn't work anymore...

*bangs her head on her desk* .. last night.. all in all.. was THE NIGHT from Hell..
no.. wait..

THE NIGHT from hell would have gone better.. 

I just want to curl up and cry..
I never had stress and issues like this over in Wilkes-barre or even in Circuit City..
I've worked this walmart before.. i should have known they were all idiots and "MeeMee Mee" people.