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It's weird how some things come to us. I was getting dressed just now and
happened to look up at my shelves over my one dresser. On the second
shelf is the theatrical skull Stephan gave me for my Forensic's Final
Project. Sitting on the skull is one of my tiaras.

I may not be beautiful or smart in the conventional sense.. but I EARNED that thing
TWICE... I would have earned it more times over if my family would have
continued going to Smokerise. That means someone out there, not in my
family, saw the Diamond in the Rough within me. Someone who knows
nothing about me.. They saw who I was.. and what I could be...

So I say this.. Screw all of you out there who have ever picked on me.
Screw ever last one of you who ever thought you were better than me
because I don't wear the latest fashion or makeup.

Yes, I've had to get by with the kindness of others in the past.. but
this Damsel is sick of feeling sorry for herself because the world
thinks she's a pauper.

I'm a PRINCESS damn it! I have a
message for all the assholes out there. I'm going to be a GODDESS one
day, so straighten up and learn some RESPECT, because your judgement day
WILL come. Maybe not by my hand.. but it WILL come!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled mind numbing internet scrolling.

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