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Life's Update...

Some may remember me talking in the past about how I got fired from Walmart on March 14th, 2008 and how mom got injured at work five days later. How for a year doctors wouldn't listen to her and couldn't figure out what's wrong with her leg...


At the 1 Year and 1 month and twenty day mark {give or take a day or two}.. two days before the full moon and three before Mother's Day...

Mom had her surgery to fix the Paraneal Nerve Intrapment that has been on her MRIs since April of 08. The injury that doctors have completely ignored.

Thank you, Dr. Laporta, for helping my mother!

And F*** You, DoL, for screwing with her surgery dates.

For the first time in 9+ months, mom can move her toes AND her ankle. The pain in her foot and, minus the pain from the incision, her pain over all has DRASTICALLY decreased.

At the rate of her healing already, we predict she'll be on the Battle Field at Pennsic War THIS YEAR!

Maybe Next year I can drag her off to Anthrocon and the world can meet Mother Nature. ;) Yes, my mother had a fursona.. scary, huh? {Look up http://dellie-dolile.tripod.com }

Anyways, I'll keep the world updated.

I need to get all the data together so I can put together a packet to send to Mystery Diagnosis or Diagnosis X...

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